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Midi - Fiber Optics

Midi - Fiber Optics


We are currently reconfiguring our Midi - Fiber Optics service offerings. Check back soon for the updated listings.

If you need immediate help, please call Michael directly, toll free: 844-PianoRestore (844-742-6673), or email Michael at

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We at Sweeney Piano uphold the standards set by the Piano Technicians Guild because they are the best in the industry. Since piano rebuilding is unregulated by the federal government, piano rebuilders, as well as piano owners looking for the highest quality piano repair, look to the PTG for standards of excellence needed to assure professional work.

To be recognized by the Guild as a professional piano technician, one must pass a series of rigorous and definitive exams on the repair, tuning and maintenance of pianos. The Guild offers these exams in order to test a technician's theoretical understanding as well as their actual hands-on expertise in piano rebuilding and tuning. Thus, the Piano Technicians Guild offers both professionals and consumers a benchmark or "worldwide standard" meant to insure excellent results in piano repair.

Michael Sweeney has over 40 years of experience in rebuilding grand and baby grand pianos and is a Registered Piano Technician and member of the Philadelphia Chapter of the Northeast Region of the Guild. Michael stands by his work with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.