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If your piano is in need of repair, restoration or refinishing, from Provincetown to Springfield to Pittsfield, to Fitchburg, to Cambridge and the great city of Boston, your piano's rebirth is as close in distance as the entrance to your local interstate. Our professional movers will pick up and deliver your piano, making sure that you are completely satisfied. Our company delights piano lovers all across the country every day with pianos we repair and restore.

Piano Repair in Massachusetts

Good Pianos Deserve Restoration

By mid 19th century, the financial prospects in piano manufacturing were extremely good. For Massachusetts, several aspects came together: Boston harbor was accessible to ships large enough to haul large items like pianos, factories were in close proximity to the huge forests of old growth in Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine and other northern states, and there was a growing immigrant population from which to find and employ skilled cabinet makers. Thus, Boston and other towns found their commercial districts to be perfectly suitable for making sturdy pianos, instruments from young and growing companies that would find names for themselves through the quality of products produced. These pianos are still with us and are worthy of care, repair and eventual restoration.

It's true, a piano made from the best materials warrants an investment in maintenance, repair, restoration and refinishing. Pianos do not have to become unusable. Many pianos built during the 19th and 20th centuries were built to pass from generation to generation, not as antiques, but as living instruments, much like violins and other wooden instruments that are maintained for constant use even though built centuries ago.

Piano Repair from MA to PA and Back

Piano Repair in Massachusetts

Fact One: Your piano is in need of professional care. It needs to be repaired, if not completely restored. Fact Two: Our shop is as close as the nearest Interstate Exit.

From Boston, our movers will take your piano West on I-90, then West on I-84 heading into Connecticut, eventually merging onto I-95 through New York, New Jersey into Philadelphia to arrive at our piano repair shop in West Chester, PA, just five blocks from the historic West Chester University campus.

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We serve 48 states nationwide for piano restoration, repair, refinishing, and rebuilding.

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The Rockport Chamber Music Festival

Some of the best music can be found in places you might not expect. Sometimes music lovers mistakenly equate excellence in music to city venues, but that is not necessarily the case. The little town of Rockport, MA has much to offer with the Rockport Chamber Music Festival.

From the Mission Statement:

The Rockport Chamber Music Festival is dedicated to the presentation of chamber and solo music performed by the finest musicians and ensembles available. It is the intent of the Festival to perform music of many countries, written in diverse styles and periods including the music created by composers of our time while maintaining a strong base in the classical tradition.

The Festival recognizes the importance of making chamber music accessible to audiences from diverse musical backgrounds and will give attention to the creation of opportunities for chamber music education to encourage broad appreciation of the art. The Festival will also support the performance of chamber and solo music by younger musicians and will provide performance opportunities for the best of these emerging artists.