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If you own a piano that is due or even over-due for quality refinishing, repair or restoration of any kind, from Abbeville to Yamassee, to Brogdon to Ladies Island to Kelton to Horell Hill, your piano repair is as close as the entrance to your local interstate highway. Our professionally trained movers will pick up and deliver your restored piano in any town or city in South Carolina. And your piano restoration in South Carolina is guaranteed.

Care for the Parts of Your Piano

If your piano is in need of major repair, refinishing, even complete rebuilding, we at Sweeney Piano will make sure we inspect, repair or replace all major and minor parts of your piano before we send it back to your home, church or business in South Carolina.

First we will make sure that the frame of your piano is in excellent condition. If it is in need of repair upon entry to our shop, we will restore the piano frame's ability to support the tension of the strings. This is important since the humidity in South Carolina can weaken the frame over time.

Next we will make sure the soundboard is solid, free of cracks in need of repair, old and weakened glue joints, etc. This is important since the glue around the rim, as well as between the wood strips that make up the soundboard can weaken over time. We will also make sure the bridges and wooden ribs that support the soundboard are strong and secure. (Again, South Carolina's humidity is often the culprit for eventual cracks in the soundboard.)

Next we will inspect and repair, if necessary, the pinblock and the cast iron plate that covers both the pinblock and the soundboard. All the tuning pins, their guide bars and strings will be repaired or replaced if needed. If the keys are chipped, stained, loose or missing, they will be replaced, too.

Next we will inspect and clean the keybed and keyboard, as well as the action, making sure that hammers are properly aligned, replacing all the old felt with new on the dampers (and other places new felt is needed).

We will inspect and repair various other piano parts, including the pedals (i.e. una corda, sustain and sostenuto pedal), the fall strip, keyblock, keyslip, bottom board and rail, casters, legs, sides, fallboard, music shelf and the lid.

We consider all the parts of the piano to be a totality that will only work properly if working as a whole, with all the parts 'healthy' again and completely synchronized into a single system. When your rebuilt piano arrives back in South Carolina, you will be amazed and delighted beyond your expectations. We guarantee it.

Piano Restoration from SC to PA and Back

Piano Repair, Restoration, Rebuilding, Refinishing in South Carolina

School of Music at University of South Carolina

From the University of South Carolina web site:

The USC School of Music offers two undergraduate and five graduate degrees, with majors in composition, conducting, jazz studies, music education, music history, music theory, opera theater, performance, and piano pedagogy.

The Naxos Music Library provides streaming audio access to over 170,000 tracks of music, including the complete Naxos and Marco Polo catalogues and other licensed independent labels. Genres include classical music, historical recordings, jazz, world, folk, and Chinese music.

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