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If you own a piano that is due or even over-due for quality refinishing, repair or restoration of any kind, from Allouez to Baraboo, to Elkhorn to Muskego to Waunakee to Madison, your piano repair is as close as the entrance to your local interstate highway. Our expert movers are picking up, delivering & delighting piano lovers all across Wisconson and across the country every day with pianos we repair and restore.

The Piano, a Complicated Machine

If you were to look at the bottom of a grand piano from the floor, you would see hundreds of individual parts and nearly a hundred types of piano parts! The keybed, the lyre and pedal parts, sostenuto levers, lifting rods,and springs, dampers, shift levers and blocks, soundboard buttons, and much more. And that's just the bottom of the piano.

A quick glance at the the cabinet will reveal another fifty or so parts, including bolts, the strike plate, the selvage plate, the fall board with pivots and springs, hinges, nose bolts, casters, a lyre brace, pedal rods, legs, the keybed, the keyslip, lockboard, molding , the music shelf and music desk, the long continuous top hinge and more.

All these piano parts and we haven't even taken a peek inside the piano yet: plate screws, tuning block, tuning pins, plate set screw, stringrest, bass buttons, dampers, damper covers, soundboard molding, keyblock, keyboard, keyslip, treble string, treble bridge, base string, base bridge apron, base bridge base, plate screw, stringing felt, nose bolt, base bar, center bar, hitch pins, not to mention all the precision holes drilled and fitted.

If you have questions about what is needed to restore or repair your piano, we invite you to present your specific questions about your individual piano with its unique set of needs for restoration in Wisconsin.

Piano Repair From Wisconsin to Pennsylvania and Back

Piano Restoration opportunities for Wisconsin

Wisconsin School Music Association

From the Wisconsin School Music Association web site:

WSMA Mission Statement

The mission of the Wisconsin School Music Association is to provide leadership and support for school music programs to ensure all students have opportunities which encourage lifelong involvement in music and to make music an integral part of the school curriculum and community life.

Our Beliefs

  1. We believe music is a basic human need.
  2. We believe the study of music develops life skills.
  3. We believe the study of music is a vital part of every student's education.
  4. We believe a high-quality, comprehensive, inclusive music curriculum should be offered to all students at all levels.
  5. We believe a comprehensive study of music involves performing, creating, reading, listening and responding to music and should be available for all students at all levels.
  6. We believe a music program is most effective when there is sensitivity to scope and sequence of musical knowledge for all students at all levels.
  7. We believe the study of music develops creativity, self-expression, discipline and teamwork.
  8. We believe music education positively influences other disciplines and professions.
  9. We believe continued professional growth is essential for teachers and administrators.
  10. We believe that a quality music program has a positive impact on school climate and community life.
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