Point, Click, Restore Your Piano!Piano Services Fact Sheet

Piano restoration is an ongoing process that includes an active plan for maintenance.
We will help you find the most economical route to your piano's health.


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What Does A Typical Piano Service Program Look Like?

The goal is to keep your piano fit. If your piano is "out of shape" and in need of repairs, whether due to age, accident, neglect, or any other reason, the first priority of a fitness program is to bring your piano back to a level where it once again (or perhaps for the very first time) can stay in pitch, where it feels ready and willing and easy to play, where it will hold a tune, and where the piano will sound like the instrument it was meant to be.

Tuning & Adjusting Schedules

Pianos need tuning and adjusting according to an interrelated list of factors. If there are periodic fluctuations in humidity and temperature, tunings will be needed more frequently. The frequency of use is also a factor. Tuning schedules are often based upon how much, how hard and and how frequently the piano is played. This is often why piano owners who teach piano tend to need service more often than the occasional player. Also performance artists who reherse regularly also tend to prefer more tunings, precisely because the piano is played more often and more intently. Other factors include the piano's history, the logic of its design, the quality of materials from which the piano was crafted. A professionally trained piano technician will be able to diagnose your particular piano's needs.

  • Have your piano tuned regularly according to its unique needs.
  • Have your piano tuned often enough to maintain proper pitch.
  • Make sure your piano tuner is a registered piano technician.

With a regular service schedule, your piano technician will be able to make minor repairs and adjustments on a continuing basis. The piano's interior can be kept clean while problems that arise from wear and tear can be kept to a minimum.

Periodically, the service schedule will also include more long-range adjustments, such as action regulation, hammer adjustments, reshaping, and voicing. Less frequent if the piano's physical environment is climatically controlled, but also, depending on the particular piano's age, history, design, craft and physical condition, long-range repairs and adjustments will be a part of your piano's future. Piano owners often discuss with their technician what's to be included in the piano's service sechedule.

The goal is not just to forestall the eventual need for reconditiong or rebuilding. The goal is to keep your piano in tip-top shape, regulated and in tune, ready and responsive to making music.

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